Modernizing Corporate Culture in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has made a large shift in the way we work, and it is more challenging  to maintain a corporate culture in an organization where employees are working remotely from various locations or in a hybrid model.   Corporate culture is the way employees behave and interact with each other and external stakeholders in a […]

Employee Recognition and Mental Health

Mental health has been getting a lot of attention lately and there are good reasons why.  Many employees leave roles for mental health reasons, both voluntarily and involuntarily. There are many factors that affect mental health at work, such as: According to the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, employee recognition […]

BIG Things You Should Know About Hybrid Work

Most employees prefer flexibility and freedom to choose where and when they work even after the pandemic. To meet this high demand for more flexible workspaces, and to stay competitive in the market, companies are adopting hybrid workplaces and there are many good reasons why. According to research from Microsoft , 30,000 participants were evaluated for the […]